Heartfelt Appreciation for Wheel Pad

Dear Wheel Pad,

My wife, Cynthia, suffered a terrible accident that left her in a quadriplegic condition, unable to use her arms or legs. In order to move about she needed a wheelchair. We could not bring her home from the hospital unless we had made all the necessary wheelchair/ handicapped accommodations for her. She wanted to come home and be with her familiar family and friends. Since our home was not A.D.A. compliant, we would have had to place her in a long term care facility, which she did not want.

Wheel Pad was a huge blessing for us since it is built for wheelchair use and maneuverability. We were able to have it placed alongside our home, and then connected to our living room, the heart and hearth of our home. Wheel Pad has a built in overhead track system which we utilized, with a Hoyer Lift, to transfer Cynthia from the wheelchair to the bed, and vice versa. This overhead track also goes to the wheelchair accessible bathroom and shower.

In short, we could not have brought Cynthia home without Wheel Pad, and being home made all the difference for her.

Thank you to Julie and Joseph and the rest of the Wheel Pad team.

Very gratefully, Rod Payne-Meyer

Luella Strattner