Growing national recognition

Wheel Pad’s innovative and thoughtful design has garnered a following from across the entire United States and Canada, from Florida to Maine, Seattle to Southern California, Texas to Calgary, and scores of points in between. Our primary product, the Norwich Model, is a 200 square foot modular addition consisting of a bedroom and a bathroom and is specifically designed for anyone with mobility issues. The Norwich Model is built on a trailer, meets Federal Highway limits for weight, and can be pulled by a heavy duty pick-up truck, thereby allowing delivery anywhere accessible by road.

Wheel Pad XL, our latest product, is 240 square feet of universally designed delight. This model is a 'wide load', requiring a licensed hauler to transport, and a crane to help with installation. We also offer custom sizes and features, and are happy to work with our customers to create the ideal accessible solution for them.

Wheel Pad solves a common problem across any geographical area or culture: a lack of universally designed, ADA compliant housing. We are dedicated to solving this critical issue and will serve our customers by delivering anywhere accessible by road within the US and Canada!

Luella Strattner