Financing Wheel Pad Through Credit Unions


Did you know that most credit unions will support you in the purchase of a Wheel Pad?

VSECU, the Vermont State Employees Credit Union, has worked with Wheel Pad to streamline the process for individuals to finance the purchase of Wheel Pad, resulting in a simple monthly payment for a set number of years - similar to how a mortgage works. The credit unions that we've worked with thus far are eager to help family members bring their loved ones home to Wheel Pad, and are able to use the same process and tips that VSECU developed, saving them time and you frustration.

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions, providing financial services to its members. The underlying principle of a credit union is 'people helping people', which is a value that is very much aligned with our values.

Purchasing Wheel Pad through credit union financing not only adds value to your property, it also supports your local economy though investing in new business by providing lower loan rates, by providing higher savings account rates and lower fees, and by providing attractive rates to families purchasing homes in your area. And, if you plan on living with Wheel Pad for more than 3 years, purchasing is significantly more economical than leasing from us.

You can use this website to locate credit unions in your local area:

Luella Strattner