If you are familiar with YouTube you may recognize the formatting in the title of this blog. Yes, we are delighted to have over 100 subscribers to our YouTube channel, which enables us to customize the URL. We reached out via Facebook and through our newsletter and website subscribers to help us achieve this small yet mighty goal, and in less than 2 weeks we had surpassed it. Thank you!

Now, healthcare professionals (such as OTs and PTs and Case Managers) and friends and family can easily direct clients and loved ones to videos about Wheel Pad. Our videos can show, in some ways much better than our images, how Wheel Pad may support someone with mobility concerns to stay at home. You get a chance to hear from the team that worked directly on conceiving and building the first Wheel Pad, and you get to hear from the first recipient of our Norwich Model, which is on permanent loan to families in need in Windham County, Vermont, among others. We will add more videos as we create them and as we are featured on the news and by other media companies.

If you'd like to help us reach more people, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, or share our videos in an email or on social media. We want to make sure that everyone who could benefit from Wheel Pad knows that it is an affordable option that saves precious time and avoids months of construction or renovation disruption at home.

Wheel Pad makes your home, accessible now, and keeps families together.